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 On The Dominion 
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Post On The Dominion
First it is important to note that there were two different Aldermi Dominions. One rose in the Second Era after the fall of the Second Empire, durring the Interregnum. At which point it consisted of the same regions it did during its reign at the beginning of third Century of the Fourth Era. (4E 200) This article will talk about the Second Aldermi Dominion occuring durring 4E 29 - 4E 201.

The Aldmeri Dominion is the union of The Former Summerset Isle, renamed Alinor, Vallenwood, and the Kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine. Anequina and Pelletine were the two Kingdoms that once made up the Imperial Province of Elsweyr.

Rise of the Dominion
The Dominion formed in 4E 29. Under decisions by the rulers in both the Former Summerset Isles and those in Vallenwood. It was not until the Void Nights at the end of the First Century of the Fourth Era that the Dominion gained popularity and strength by taking credit for the return of the moons. The events of the Void Nights are those in which both of the moons that once dominated Tamriel's night sky both disappeared for the sum of two years (4E 98 - 4E 100). This even was most likely caused by the Thalmor of the Aldmeri Dominion in the first place.

It was at this point that they were able to lay claim to the client states of Anequina and Pelletine. The Kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine had withdrawn from the empire shortly after the Province of Blackmarsh did so at the opening on the Fourth Era. The Elsweyr Confederacy had been formed when they withdrew from the empire. However, it was not a peaceful existence for Elsweyr. Only some of their Manes were strong and powerful enough to maintain the peace needed to maintain a stable nation.

It was due to the instability of their government that allowed the Thalmor to back a coup, that ended with the dissolution of the Confederacy. After which, the kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine formed, and shortly after joined the Dominion. It was at this point that the Aldmeri Dominion returned to the strength it had during the Second Era before being crushed by Tiber Septim.

Thalmor Versus the Dominion
The Thalmor are the politcal party that sits on the Throne of Alinor. They are the government agency that heads the Aldermi Dominion. So it is easy to say that not every elf in Alinor or Vallenwood are a member of the Thalmor, but they are all citizens of the Dominion.

Interestingly enough, there are next to no non-Altmer in the Ranks of the Thalmor. Despite the fact that much of the Dominion's populace and land mass is made up of the former imperial lands of Vallenwood (Bosmer) and Elsweyr(Khajit). They are members of the dominion, without any true representation within their own government. A Government of Elves can only rule so long and strong while subjugating its members (Bosmer and Khajit)

The Aldmer are a lie. They do not exist in the present day Tamriel. The Aldmer are not a synonim for Altmer. They sound nearly the same, but they are not. Aldmer (wth a D) are the ancestral elves. They were the Original race of elves. It is from the Aldmer, that the other races of elves are dervied. The Altmer and the Aleyids were the closest in resemblance to the original Aldmer. However, even they have been changed and warped by the ways and culture of Tamriel.

Chimmer/Dunmer: Changed Elves
Bosmer: Pale Skinned, Wood Elves
Dwemer: short dark, Deep Elves
Orsimer: Pariah Elves
Maomer: Chamealon, Sea Elves
Aleyids: Heart-land, High Elves
Altmer: High bred Elves, those closest to the Ancient Aldmer
Almder: Ancestral Elves
Falmer: snow skinned, Snow Elves

So it is in this stead, by picking the name, Aldemri Dominion, the Atlmer wish to regain the glory, fame, and purity of their Aldmer Ancestors. And most important, their superiority.

The Great War
4E 171 Titus Mede II was given a list of demands by the Thalmor, leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion. The list of demands came along side the heads of each and every blades agent working within the Dominion. Whether they were there from when Alinor was the Summerset Isle, or they were truly there to spy for the Empire after the formation of the dominion, did not mater. For they were all executed.

The demands were stringent. Calling for things such as the disbanding of the blades throughout the empire and beyond, the end of worshiping the mortal god Talos, and the seceding of large portions of the Province of Hammerfell to them. It is unclear as to the entire list of demands. Of course, Titus Mede II saw no need to give in to the Dominion and chose to go to war with them. In the end, it would prove to be a mistake. But a mistake that he could not afford to not make. Had he taken the treaty, the end result would have been the same.

So the elves invaded Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. They torched anvil, and many cities and farms in between. A Large portion of the Evlen forces drove north from Anvil to lay waste to Hammerfell. While others marched on the Imperial City. In 4E 174, the Dominion warriors under Lord Naarifin laid siege to the city. In a last ditch effort, Emporer Titus Mede II and the majority of his army was able to punch through the blockade of Naarifin's army. They fled to Skyrim where they were able to reunite with the legion that was stationed there.

Together with General Jonna, the emperor was able to fight what became known as the battle of the Red Ring, in which his imperial forces, and the legion from skyrim were able to eliminated all of Lord Naarifin's forces. Resulting in the Elven lord being hung from the top of the scorched white gold tower. It was a battle that took its heavy tole on the imperial forces. Regardless of their victory, and crushing the army that had taken the imperial city, they were in no condition to continue fighting the dominion. The only forces that laid untouched were those in High-Rock. The Skyrim and Cyrodiil legions were nearly lost retaking the Imperial City. Hammerfell's forces were busy defending its own lands. Morrowind was still dealing with the disasters of the Red Year and the Argonian invasion.

With no reinforcements, Titus Mede made the final call to negotiate for peace. In the end, he gained nothing. He just lost the lives of hundreds of legion soldiers. Talos worship was still banned, the blades were destroyed utterly in the war, and the Dominion demanded the surrender of Hammerfell into their possession. This forced Titus to renounce Hammerfell as an imperial province. This destroying the Imperial Relations with Hammerfell, and dealing one more crippling blow to the empire.

Fortunately, for the Empire, Hammerfell pushed the Dominion from their borders. Even though the elves were defeated, the now Nation of Hammerfell felt betrayed for being abandoned to fight the dominion on their own. Even with damaged diplomatic ties, Hammerfell under the rule of the remaining Redguards provides more hope of a reunification that if it fell to the Elves.

One Legion Legate believed that this was the end desire of the Dominion. To divide the empire and its people. To weaken and break up the bounds that had lasted for over five hundred years. And i would have to agree with Justianus Quintius.

One Life, One Honor,
Protect and Serve

Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:54 pm
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