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 The Journey thus far. 
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Draconic Admin
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Post The Journey thus far.
Good morning,

I do not know how often I will update this but thought I would take a moment to finally start one.

Let me just start by saying this has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life thus far. I have met so many amazing and wonderful people since I started modding over a decade ago! I can not believe that I am saying those words. A decade previous to that, I could not hold a pencil, or write, or type.

This is a long post, but comprehensive. Feel free to skip to the last bit :)

The very beginning:
I remember my friend, Daniel when we were in the eighth grade. He lent me this "awesome game" called morrowind. I loaded it up on my old Toshiba A series laptop that for sure did not have a dedicated graphics card. It played! on the lost settings, with a good bit of lag, but it played. From the moment I stepped off those docks, and saw myself to the census office, my course was set.

It was from playing these games, and struggling to understand its construction sets that I learned what I wanted to do. I started modding in 2006. Nothing more than "my first mod" sort of things. The first mod I ever actually made (beyond playing around trying to figure out how to work the danged thing) was an expansion to Gnisis in the West Gash. There was a line of Dialogue saying the city wanted to expand. So I flattened the land and built a new wing of the city from Raven Rock Tileset. Now, there are multiple things wrong with that but I did it! I built the whole city out. I even added some guards and a few npcs. This was the day I realized that doors had to be added, and interiors made separate, and saw into the world of "The building is hallow! The insides are not inside, but elsewhere!" good times.

The following year I started highschool, and the summer between: Oblivion. It was more than my ol' laptop could take so I dusted off an old desktop and headed to Cyrodiil. Again, low settings (not very low though! hehe) and an uncommfy dinner table chair, in my little brother's room (because that's totally where the computer should have been.) But i played long nights into that game. and loved every moment of it. If I had a dollar for each time I tried to build anvil's castle over again for myself in various locations on the game... That was for whatever reason, that was the mod I always tried to make while learning how to mod Oblivion.

It was at this point I relized something: Other people must have been making mods too. Off in search I went, and found a mod by the name of Kvatch Aftermath V1.4 (maybe 1.2) and I was extatic! I had tried to redo Kvatch myself, but it did not turn out too well. So i wanted to play it in the worst way, but I noticed it was dated, so I eventually found the author and his forums: I remember my first post was asking about a play test into version 5.4 -> A house was not unlocked for me, and I was notified that it was loredas, and thus closed on the weekend. I ended up being one of the last people to be credited in the list of credits for helping with Kvatch Aftermath, still one of the happier moments.

Origin of the Dragon
Dragon Captions. An odd name really. I loved dragons since I was little, and at the time Captions seemed almost Synonymous with "studio." I have received some notice/flack for the name and admittedly it might not make the most sense but! It is mine. Ours.

I started this "team" with Mike (Tycoon) Chris (CnC) in early 2008. We produced TES III: Great House Dagoth in Feburary of 2008. This was the first mod I ever released on TESNexus. I was so excited to have finally published something. Tycoon left, and Thomas (Otellino) joined us along with JJ (Ronin) and Arial Nuke. The mods we produced over the years were vast and numerous. Fort Weye was CnCs. Otellino did more than a few, the titles of which I do not quite remember.

Onra, the fall of mechstorm, Cyrodiil Knights, Purple Gandalf, Misnomer. So many moments and memories I do not even have time to write it all. Perhaps in later installments.

Where I've Been
After completing Highschool, I attend college here in Georgia and obtained my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I worked as a teacher's assistant for three and a half years. After graduation I got a job as a Software Engineer working for Careerbuilder here in Georgia (competitor to Indeed/Monster/etc.) Most recently I have applied and been accepted into the Masters of Science program in Software Engineering. It will be another fun road ahead.

Towards Our Future
I just wanted to say thank you, Nowena, Nakia, Mr. K. I see your names on these forums as I have floated in and out of this realm. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping this dream alive while I have been away. You all have been some of the best staff members and friends I could have asked for.

I am not always around, but know that I am always watchful, and forever grateful to you all and to many many more who have crossed my path here.

A special thanks to Lefty for all of your bug reports! KCaz, you have become the most recent modder for Dragon Captions and have really made Treva's Watch your own! So kudos to you as well.

I am sure there will be more.

So I wanted to say thank you all the past wonderful decade, and here is to many, many more!


(and because I love them)

One Life, One Honor,
Protect and Serve

Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:48 pm
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Draconic Admin
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Post Re: The Journey thus far.
Good to see you again, Scythe. And, especially good to see your DC blog chat.

I, too, started out my passion with Morrowind. Much later though, I think. Up until I moved to where I am today, I had little time to spend on involved games. Too many work hours trying to pay for a house on my own in (expensive) California. Then, suddenly, I had plenty of time on my hands and not much to interest me. I remember walking into a computer store and asking a clerk what was a good game to try. He suggested Morrowind and I bought it on his recommentation. It didn't really excite me until I installed it. Then, like you I was hooked the minute I stepped off the boat and saw where I was.

For me, Oblivion came a year or two after. And, it was the same feeling: like I had been freed from the real world and able to go anywhere I wanted. Mods came when I looked for help on some forums I found on Google (Beth). And, that introduced me to mods.

My favorite mod at the time was Kvatch Aftermath.

Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:53 pm
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Post Re: The Journey thus far.
Hi Scythe, and Nowena!

I mostly stopped playing games like the Bethesda games I have played so much, and other game companies don't seem to attract me as much. The games I play now are just time killers, as I wait for something else to get my attention, games that are easy to stop, and no strain to play. Yep, I play a lot of Solitaire. I need to find another Role Playing game, of some sort to play, but I don't look because I don't want to spend so much time playing, time that I should be doing more productive things. But then I don't do much productive anything, just a few chores around the house.

I tried to make Mods 2, or 3 times, but I don't have the patients to work at it for enough hours to get close to being able to Mod with any kind of skill. I did make 2, or 3 House Mods, but not worth anything. I did work In FO4, to make a NPC, but I never did figure out how to make it walk around, and do stuff NPCs are supposed to do.

But the thing I did like to do, in Modding, and I did learn enough to be somewhat good at was Voice Acting. Not so much making good voices, that Modders liked, or that could match the voices in Oblivion, Skyrim, or Fallout3-NV-4, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

Maybe I should post an update on my blog, and let everybody know what I am up to around here.

Mr. K

"I can explain it again, but I can't understand it for you." Astronaut in a meeting at NASA
"Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver"

Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:30 pm
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